What’s A Girl To Do?

So. This is my blog.

Right off the top, let me just say that I’m torn about this whole thing.  I mean, part of me thinks putting all my biggest goals, deepest fears and most personal details out there is a great way to hold myself accountable as I aim to completely overhaul my life (that’s why we’re here, you know). But I’ve never been particularly comfortable talking about myself. Even when talking to my closest friends, it just always feels like bragging (and frankly, I’ve never found my life particularly brag-worthy). But then, there’s this:

“Nothing changes when you’re comfortable.”

You guys. Right?! That does it for me. This whole journey is about just that–breaking out of this small life and this big body, continuously striving to make myself as uncomfortable as freakin’ possible. So, here we go. This is my blog. Definitely a work in progress–just like me.

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