And So It Begins…

I’m fully aware that no one is currently reading this blog, which is basically a very public very private diary. But obviously I have to write under the false pretense that someone is, right? Otherwise what am I doing, right? Okay, anyway…

You guys! I totally killed it yesterday on DAY ONE. What I eat is something I can control pretty effortlessly when I want. For me, it’s the exercise that’s the problem…I just really like to sit at home and watch my stories. I’m in ridiculously bad shape (duh) and have some pretty crippling self-conscious stuff going on when I go to the gym, so I thought I’d take it a bit easy on my precious self-esteem and go for a brisk walk/jog down by the river. Problem was, Winter, that bitch, finally decided to rear her ugly, ugly head.

It was a blustery 15 degrees when I got home from work yesterday, so I decided to bust out Bob Harper’s (Biggest Loser trainer) Cardio Shred Kettlebell dvd. I felt a wee bit pathetic, like I was one of those people doing Jane Fonda step-aerobics in their living room, but that dvd seriously kicked my butt. It was unreal. It’s a combination of some serious cardio stuff and the kettlebell.  There’s burpees, a killer ab workout, lunges where you swing the kettlebell through your legs, and so much more.  Thankfully, Becky, the ripped girl in the video, was struggling as well, so she and I became fast friends as Bob yelled at us to “do 10 more.”

Today, sitting down has been a challenge, laughing has been nearly impossible and my arms–shoulder to fingertip–are shaky.  Success.

My new archnemesis

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