A Seismic Shift

At my job, like most, whenever someone has a birthday, leaves for (much) greener pastures, or, really, sneezes, we have food to celebrate. There is literally a constant stream of goodies at this place! Vendors bring by sandwich samples, every one of my co-workers has a candy dish and we even have a giant potluck every year around the holidays called the Christmas Feast, where each member of the 200+ faculty and staff is invited to bring a dish to share.

Today was no exception. Being it was my boss’ birthday, one of our colleagues brought in donuts. As any member of my family can tell you, pastries are my ultimate downfall (my parents’  latest attempt to turn my pastry passion into a joke involved them gifting me a bottle of Cupcake-brand wine for Christmas). When you combine that with the peer pressure that comes from standing around a conference room table with your colleagues destroying two boxes of pillowy glazed perfection…well, my willpower was definitely put to the test.  I tried not to make eye contact with the confections as viciously as one avoids eye contact with a giggling younger sibling in church.

You sprinkled bastards...

When my co-worker, Kelly, later commented that she wanted another and maybe I wanted another, too, I pointed out that in fact I had resisted and not had a treat. “Why?” she queried. It dawned on me at that moment (and why it has taken 27-years for this realization is quite sad) that I don’t want a donut because I would rather get married some day.  Or wear cute lingerie.  Or, as Kelly and my conversations tend to go, have really great sex.  I don’t need the momentary deliciousness that junk like this brings because I have such bigger things that I want for my life.  Some of them may be shallow and material, but they are still very important parts of leading a “normal” life–things like the lingerie or fitting comfortably into a freakin’ airplane seat.  And there are other milestones–getting married, being a mommy–that I know I absolutely will not achieve if I keep choosing the literal and metaphorical donuts in my life. It’s a matter of re-shifting priorities.

3 thoughts on “A Seismic Shift

  1. Okay, so I came across your discussion on MFP and instantly went to your site and began reading….really enjoyed what I read so I made it a favorite so I can find it easily and keep up to date with you. I closed down and went back to work and something made me come back and read some more…I decided to start at the beginning and to get to know your story better and this post really clicked for me; a true lightbulb moment. Thank you so very much, it has given me another voice in the back of my mind to listen to when temptation is calling.

    Thanks again, I’m sure we will talk more later! 🙂

    • Thank YOU for reading! I’m glad you like it! This post was a huge moment for me (and several friends and family members), as well. Glad to have found you MFP–looking forward to sharing this journey with you! Thanks again for reading!

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