How Much Is Too Much?

How do you know when you’re posting too much? Hmm…something to ponder on this lousy, gray Monday morning.

Anyway, just a quick post to share with you all that I am feeling some serious anxiety about making my return to the gym tonight. My self-esteem is not the greatest to begin with, so when you put me in workout clothes with no make-up, sweating my butt off, beet-red in the face, huffing and puffing as I attempt to move my large self around…I mean, I’m about to have a panic attack just typing this! And I know I shouldn’t care if people are staring or judging or whatever–because it is better than sitting at home on the couch shoveling food into my face–but still.  I wish like hell that I had some sort of home gym I could use. Hopefully I can just crank up some tunes and block everyone else out. And then, day by day, it’ll get easier, right?

Anyone have any words of encouragement or tips for me?

2 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much?

  1. It will get easier – you will learn to live with sweaty clothes and a red face because when you turn around, there are 100’s of people in the gym who are exactly the same as you, isn’t that what gyms are meant for? They are not beauty salons right? I totally get you though and don’t get yourself worked up over it.

    • Thanks for the support! It’s something I just need to get over and make myself do. I’ve worked out in the gym before, so I don’t have a clue why this is such a big deal for me. But again, thanks!

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