I’ve been thinking a lot about what motivates me. Other than the obvious and very necessary reasons, why am I on this journey to lose half of my body weight? I’ll be honest. The majority of the reasons are superficial. But I think when you’re trying to jump start any sort of “get healthy” plan, especially one this daunting and overwhelming, it’s important to assemble this list and be able to mentally run through it whenever you’re feeling in need of a boost. So to that end, here are a few things in my mental Filofax of motivation…

Clothes, glorious clothes
I love fashion. Being a bigger girl, it was kind of the one thing I felt I could control. I couldn’t control my weight, so I had to look cute. Always. To be a smaller girl and fit into a wider range of clothes, shop at more stores, wear more trends, and just have more confidence in how I look and feel (with less effort)…that’s huge. Plus: Swimsuits! Shorts! Tank tops!

My future
I want to be a mom. I want to get married. End of story.

Social Confidence

This is definitely my biggest motivator. I used to be a loud personality (and still am around close friends/family), but lately I hate being out socially, can’t make eye contact with people at Target, etc. It’s become a very small life and I know it’s directly related to my weight and my perception of myself. I want a much less cheesy version of this:

What motivates you?

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