Busy Bee Bits & Pieces

This is going to be a muy rambly, scrambled and potentially boring post, so my apologies upfront 🙂

Guys, tonight I finished week one of C25K. I don’t know why it’s taken so long to get just one week in…well, yes I do. I’ve been crazy busy, super tired, and I like to make excuses. I’m in the process of finding a new job, so prepping for interviews and shopping for the perfect outfit (of course) has been super time consuming. And my current job has been completely draining. Plus, there’s been, like, a lot of good stuff on tv lately…But I am super proud that I made it through the first week. Which I’m assuming has to be the hardest week, right? Beyond that, the good news is, that my eating has been on point. I can honestly say that I haven’t “cheated” once since I started this. Sure, I have healthy versions of treats that I turn to once in awhile–my favorite combo is a 1/2 C scoop fat-free froyo and a  90-calorie Fiber One brownie (holy geez, you guys, go eat one now!)–but beyond that, I’ve been solid.

So I need to stop the excuses and get my butt out there, shaking it or whatever. Priorities, right? Give myself more to be proud of. Week 2 of C25K starts Thursday (they recommend you skip a day between workouts), so more on that then. I will say that even with the delay between workouts and the fact that I kind of hate running, the run is getting easier. And I’m liking it a lot more. And solely for working out purposes, I did get a really cute bright green hoodie and North Face-esque jacket for super cheap this weekend. Maybe I’ll be a runner yet…







Oh, and, in the interest of too much information (keep reading), I have been disappointed with my weight loss lately. I guess I thought that even by just cutting my calories and working out sporadically, someone of my size wouldn’t have much of an issue consistently shedding pounds. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s that time of the month or what, but the lbs. are not coming off like I thought they would. I guess it’s all the more reason to get movin’. Hitting the gym hard tomorrow!

I’m going to go research some new recipes and hopefully have something more substantial and interesting to report on tomorrow 🙂

How do you manage a crazy schedule AND working out?

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