Damn Bikers

Living in America’s best bike city is pretty cool–the amount of outdoor trails, bike lanes, and general space to move about that we have here in good ol’ Minnesota is one of my favorite things about living here. However, it’s also one of the things I despise most. At one point or another, everyone I know has lamented how the “damn bikers” think they own the “damn road.” And they do. Those spandex-clad bastards weave in and out of traffic like they’re some little foreign import.  Dude, you’re not a Smart car, you’re not a VW Bug, you’re not even one of those Little Tykes cars. You are riding a bike. Get in the bike lane or on the trails where you belong.

These are not bicycles.

So imagine how thrilled I was tonight when I went for my run along the river and was dang near mowed down by one those biking bitches. I was already pretty pumped up for a couple of reasons: 1. I was upping my running distance by 30 seconds today–a big deal for me. 2. Angry hip-hop was coursing through my headphones 3. My best buds from my high school softball playing days–shin splints–decided to pay a visit. I had already flipped off a driver that I caught staring at me (Don’t worry. I had mittens on. He probably couldn’t tell). And some other runner dude absolutely refused to move over to his correct side of the path when we were passing each other. Grrr…Then the biker came speeding by. Much like the runner, he refused to move into the bike lane, and proceeded to continue in my walking lane, both of which were clearly marked with the appropriate graphics. And the dude wasn’t just in my lane. If I had stumbled or, really coughed, I could have easily taken him out. Next time…

Oh no! Where do I go?

I mumbled a few expletives and continued to huff, puff, and plod along as Jay-Z consoled me with 99 of his problems. It was a good run overall, though! Week 2 of C25K is off to a great start–the run segments felt pretty solid. I’m very much surprised by how easily I’m adapting to–and basically loving–running. Ok, off to ice my shins!


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