Pop of Color

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

As great as life has been lately, I think the winter blahs (or the cabin fever, if you will) have finally set in. So on this, St. Valentine’s Day, the fakest holiday known to all of man, I thought I’d share with you all the three things that brought a pop of color to this gray (weather-wise only!) February day.

1. Flowers! My ever-thoughtful parents sent me a gorgeous little bouquet to celebrate the day. They’re always doing things like this, and I am so blessed to have them in my life.

2. Color comobs! I’m obsessed with the gray and pink color combo. I’m also really loving gray and yellow right now. Kinda appropriate, no? SO when a co-worker gifted me with a dish of these adorable little chocolates, I couldn’t help but fall in love. I did indulge in a few, but as I mentioned yesterday, the sweetness was just too cloying to enjoy. So I made sure to quickly whisk them out of my office and into the hands of a more than welcoming co-worker.

3. This bread! Flatout Bread. It’s not just a flatbread, it’s the most delicious flatbread ever. It tastes and smells like homemade bread (something you don’t find with most store-bought loaves), and has an amazing, chewy texture. I, sadly, had to venture to my local Wal-Mart to purchase it, but it was so worth the trip. I used it for lunch today with turkey, spinach and low-fat cheese, and this weekend I made a similarly delicious sandwich which I then panini-ed up. It is low in calories (100!), fat (1 gram!) and loaded with fiber and, surprisingly, protein (6 grams!).
There you have it–three pops of color that absolutely brightened my day. I also had a really great job interview today, enjoyed a glass of wine, and made plans to get together with a friend later this week. So, really it’s, like, six things…

What made your little world pop today?

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