Weekend in the Country

Sorry for the lack of postage lately–I had a crazy exhausting week and took a much needed breather at my Grandparents’ house for the long weekend. I’m so happy to share that I got a new job on Thursday! I’m excited to start fresh and really get back to focusing on what I love to do. And anyone who knows me well knows that the past few years in my current job have been miserable. I’ve become a person that I don’t recognize and that I don’t like. Especially so in these past few weeks. So, I’m ecstatic to put it all behind, start anew and really focus on my weight loss!

As I mentioned, I spent the Holiday weekend out in the country at my Grandparents’. It’s always so nice to get away, disconnect, and remember where my priorities should lie. The majority of my extended family lives within a stone’s throw of one another, so it’s always a big to-do when my family comes to town. Lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and lots of good down-home cooking courtesy of my Grandmother. I was pretty adamant that I wasn’t going to fall victim to her breaded pork chops swimming in mushroom sauce or her butter laden deserts, as delicious as they are. She’s so supportive of what I’m doing, though, that she let me have free reign of the kitchen all weekend. I made pretty healthy choices–lots of salads, homemade vinaigrette, baked chicken, and plenty of walking and running. I even got my mom to run with me for a bit on Saturday!

The gang's chicken dinner--oil, butter, breading, and gravy

My chicken dinner--spray of Pam, Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning. Not as pretty, but delish!

Now that I’m back home and have officially given my notice at work, my biggest stressors, and literally all I will be focusing on in the next month or so are limited to the following: 1. Sweating. 2. Getting myself organized for our trip to Texas in a few weeks. Life is good!

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