Pizza! Pizza!

Last Thursday, to celebrate my new job and because everyone I know is on a super tight budget, I went with some friends to my favorite local pizza place to partake in the 2-for-1 deal they had going. Punch Pizza is straight-up classic and authentic Neopolitan pizza (read: wood-burning oven, real ingredients, crispy cracker-thin crust). My pizza below was a mouth-watering assembly of prosciutto, goat cheese, arugula, roasted garlic and red pepper flakes. So good! We paired our pizza with a carafe of the house red and it was a match truly made in heaven…or Naples.

Being the good girl that I am, I only ate half the pizza (so, two slices), and took the rest home. On the alcohol front, though, I had two of the small glasses of wine (pictured above) and two more drinks (vodka tonic–my fav) when we went across the street for a celebratory cocktail. A bit of a bummer, calorie-wise, but a bit of indulgence like that is necessary once in awhile. It did teach me that, when it comes to food, as good as I am on my own, when I’m cooking or can control the ingredients, I still need to be extra cautious and conscious of what I’m doing when I go out. It’s a process, people!

What are your tips for healthy dining when out and about?

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