Cabin Fever

I’ve got it, you guys. It’s bad. I’ve got the cabin fever. Even though we’ve had  zero snow this year here in typically winter-friendly Minnesota, I’m still feeling cooped up and anxious for some sunshine and warm temps. I’m over the dry hair/skin combo, the teasingly and uncharacteristically warm days, pasty pale skin, random snow flurries that never amount to anything (if it’s going to snow, it better snow), and I especially am over my winter wardrobe! I am taking my now annual sojurn down to Austin, Texas with the Mom and other family members in a few weeks, so that will absolutely help break my fever.

But it never fails that right around this time each year, I get to daydreaming about my favorite summery things. Also on the docket this year are a few things from my rewards list that are providing a great deal of weight-loss related inspiration and factoring greatly into my sunshiney fantasies.

In no particular order, the things I love most about summer…

  • Sunshine The warmth of it and, really, getting a little color on my pasty skin.
  • Nature and being outdoors The lakes, biking, hiking, camping, picnics, outdoor concerts, rooftop and patio happy hours, laying in the grass, all of it.
  • Sundresses and tank tops I don’t wear tank tops now, or dresses above the knee. I’m hoping to change both of those by the end of the summer!
  • Country music Something about cranking the tunes and driving around barefoot with the windows down, back in the little country town from whence I came, is just so dang appealing to me.
  • Campfires
  • Iced coffee I became obsessed with cold press coffee last year and bought myself a french press. I mix the brewed coffee with a little simple syrup (boil equal parts sugar and water until the sugar dissolves, cool, add to beverage)–heaven!
  • Sandals After a winter of socks and boots, sandals are a welcome summertime companion.
  • Summer cooking Local produce (melon, string beans, peas straight from the garden, corn on the cob), grilling out, dining al fresco, summer salads. Everything is bright, colorful, and fresh.
  • Twilight
  • Farmer’s Markets The farmer’s market in my part of town is arguably the best and biggest–and one of a very few that require all vendors and products be local. The selection, price, and quality is unbeatable. Nearly every Saturday, I head down with a friend to grab a coffee, do some quality people watching, and pick up fresh produce, swoon-worthy breads, amazing hummus, and gorgeous flowers. I plan to make an effort to do even more of my shopping there this summer.

How do you beat the winter blues? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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