Pink is My Favorite Color

Remember this song? Well, it’s true. Pink truly is my favorite color, it’s my obsession, it’s not even a question, etc. In the last 24 hours, I have purchased/indulged in an insane amount of this bright, summery, cheery color.

It started innocently enough:

Then I finally found a new travel mug, for which I’ve been searching for weeks:

Late last night, again after much searching, I found my new running shoes!–my treat for reaching my 5% weight loss goal! Side note, you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find cute women’s shoes in a size 12. But, yay for my favorite athletic catalog, Eastbay:

Finally, after much research, I also found my dream water bottle (glass interior, silicone sleeve, Life Factory):
It’s my belief that surrounding yourself with aesthetically pleasing things, things that inspire you or lift you up or just bring a smile to your face, make you aspire to be better in all aspects of life–and hopefully, in the case of my new kicks, make you want to use them. Often. That’s my consumerism-driven philosophy, anyway 🙂  Pink does all of that for me. It just makes me happy, man. And this time of year in Minnesota, you need all the cheeriness you can find!

What’s your favorite color?

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