Focus Like A Laser Beam

I’m nearing the two month mark on my weight loss journey (I really hate that word, “journey,” by the way) and I have lost 25 pounds. This is great. It’s fantastic, even! And while I’m definitely proud of this success, I know I’m not as focused as I should be. These out of focus red flags I’ve noticed over the past few weeks must be addressed if I want to truly make this weight loss a permanent, forever change. Which I do.
Red Flag 1
Problem: While my eating is basically spot on during the day, the second I leave work, or at any point during the weekend, I feel myself starting to falter. Like others, one of my oldest and worst habits is sitting in front of the tv and mindlessly eating. Thankfully, I’ve now removed all “bad” food items from my couch potato ways, but most nights/weekends, I’m still sitting down with a bowl of salsa and tortilla chips or a bowl of frozen yogurt, while the bright lights of the television hypnotize me. This has to stop.

Having a schedule helps immensely. If I’m at the gym or spending time with friends, I don’t have time to just sit and eat. So I am going to focus on filling up my schedule–whether that means extra workouts at the gym or at home, more time spent hanging out with friends, or finding other meaningless tasks to do at home (Pinterest crafts, anyone?). Same thing goes for the weekends.
Red Flag 2
Problem: I don’t a) put in enough time exercising or b) work out consistently. Right now, I workout two or three days in a row, then take four off, then work out for a week straight, then take two days off. It needs to be every. Day. No excuses.

Solution: No excuses. It is absolutely that simple. Not working out is not an option. It’s an integral part of the process, and if I ultimately want the life that I claim to want, I have to sweat it out.
Red Flag 3
Problem: I get lost in my head. I spend hours slogging through the blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, and other websites looking for inspiration, new work out moves, the health benefits of nutritional yeast and chia seeds (yes, the same chia used to grow a chia pet, gross) and so much more. I have no focused plan and my intentions seem to change daily. One minute I’m going to go vegan and do yoga. The next I want to become a long distance runner. All of these competing philosophies and proposed lifestyle adjustments are overwhelming and leave me exhausted and unmotivated.

Solution: I know what does and does not work for me. I cannot allow myself to be distracted by what others are doing, eating, drinking, etc. I can’t hope that things will change because bought the right trainers or pinned the most inspiring quote to Pinterest. I need to worry about me, focus on me, move more, eat less. Find activities that I enjoy. Eat more whole foods. Push myself to further develop my food tastes and test my cooking abilities. Disregard what is trendy (or for that matter, my Twitter friends, trending. #NotInterested). I have the gear, I have the knowledge, I have the skill, I have the desire. Now, I need to do.
Side note, on Friday I’m heading to Texas for a week long vacation. I’m looking to utilize this vacation as a time to mentally get myself in check, so that when I come back, I’ll be ready to get it. Good.

I’ll try and pop over here to share my vacation with you guys, but in case I don’t get to it, expect a full run down when I return. I will, however, be tweeting up a storm. So follow me @MandaKayMakesIt for my never ending wit, pics of cute cowboys and, I’m sure, some delicious Texas BBQ…pulled pork and beer is good for you, right? I kid!

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