Greetings From Kansas

Our spring break road trip to Austin, Texas is underway! We left Minnesota around 6 pm last night and made it to Missouri before calling it a night. Now we, my mom, aunt, cousin, and I, are meandering through the great state of Kansas on our way to Austin, Texas, after a somewhat successful morning of visiting a few of the world’s largest–meat cleaver, shuttlecocks, and boot spur.


It’s doing wonders for my spirits and my soul to feel a little warm sunshine and see a little green in the grass.


I had a quick sandwuch at Subway last night (turkey, spinach, honey mustard) and whole wheat toast with peanut butter and an apple for breakdast today. I’m really trying to keep my water intake up, too, while remembering that we’ll never make it to Texas if we’re stopping every 20 minutes for a restroom 🙂


More to come soon! Hope everyone is enjoying some beautiful weather!

Do you take a spring break trip each year?

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