Wanna Be My Pal?

Remember in elementary school when your class would get to be pen pals with another class in some far away land…like Canada or Kansas? That’s what we did in Minnesota, anyway. And that’s kinda what Foodie Pen Pals is like. Except instead of exchanging letters about scrunchies, cute boy Eric, and your best friends Jenny and Lisa, you get to exchange boxes of deliciousness.

This was my first month doing Foodie Pen Pals and I couldn’t have been more excited! I mean, what fat kid doesn’t love free food, right? My package this month came from Stephanie over at Steph’s Bite by Bite (whose blog is equal parts adorable and inspiring). My only request to her was give me healthy yumminess. And boy. Did she ever! Here’s the spread:

It’s like the woman was reading my mind. All things I’ve been dying to try, but couldn’t bring myself to spare the extra cash. Let’s start at the Trader Joe’s Trek Mix and work our way around clockwise, shall we?

I love nuts. I love TJ’s. I love the combination of salty and sweet. TJ’s Salty, Sweet & Nutty Trek Mix is all of these things and more. Peanuts, peanut brittle, cashews, and almonds. It is so good. So naturally I had to get it out of the house before I devoured the entire bag. It’s currently residing in my desk drawer at work, where I allow myself a palm full a day as my afternoon snack.

The blueberry muffin Larabar was sooo not what I expected. I was envisioning, like, your typical Nutri-Grain type bar. This was not that. Chewy, a bit off-putting in color, but pretty dang delish.

And then there was the Clif Bar. Coconut chocolate chip. Since I’ve been doing this weight loss thang, I’ve been missing m’sweets. Like Girl Scout cookies. I kid y’all not, this Clif Bar was a not-as-cloyingly sweet version of the Samoa. It was so good, in fact, that I may have stocked up on a few more at the grocery this week. And they were on sale–score!!

Before Steph introduced me to coconut water, I had never tried it. It seemed too trendy (if US Weekly is running photos of the Gossip Girls slugging the stuff, I want no part). However, I do love chocolate. And I quite enjoy coconut. So in the interest of this post, I tried the dark chocolate coconut water. And I really like it! It basically tastes like chocolate milk or those canned protein shakes (in the best possible way). It’s meant to provide, like, ultra-hydration with no calories, so I happily chugged it after spin class on Sunday. I may get a part-time job or procure a financially sound suitor simply to pay for my new obsession.

This is TJ’s Flower Pepper, which is (according to the label) straight from South Africa!! Anyone close to me can tell you how crazy obsessed I am with SoAf, as we in the know call it, after having spent some time there in college. I haven’t had an opportunity to try the pepper yet (life’s been a bit cra cra), but according to the smarties online, this stuff can be used in just about anything–poultry, seafood, soups, fruit salad, green salads, potatoes, and I’m betting it would be amazing in a homemade vegetable stock. I’m gonna give it a test drive this weekend for sure.

The dark chocolate bar from TJ’s was way too bitter and rich for me. Thankfully, my friend Emily has a much more worldly and sophisticated pallet, so I passed it along to her. I’m sure she’s enjoying it right now πŸ™‚

Thanks again to Steph for this awesome package!

You know you want a Foodie Pen Pal, too. To get matched with your new foodie bff, click here to fill out the participation form and read all about it.

You must submit your information by April 4, as pairings will be emailed on April 5!

11 thoughts on “Wanna Be My Pal?

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    • I didn’t think I’d like it either, but add chocolate to just about anything and I’m going to love it! πŸ™‚

    • Me either, they’re usually too sweet or the texture is funky. But these babies…yum! Have you tried the chocolate brownie? SO good!

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