Keep It Movin’

I don’t think it’s a secret that music can make or break a work out. I recently found myself wondering just how people worked out before the invention of the iPod? The Discman? The Walkman? The Boombox? If I don’t have a solid playlist on my pod (as I affectionately call it), and have to skip around trying to find a good song, I’m done. And if I get to the gym and realize I forgot my pod or headphones at home? Best believe I’m calling it a night and heading home.

I’m constantly reorganizing and even renaming my workout playlist (current name: Bad Ass), trying to find the perfect mix of warm-up and high intensity songs. Here’s the current incarnation that keeps me moving:

Carrie Underwood, Good Girl (this was cranked up quite often on our TX road trip!)
Fun., Some Nights (obsessed with the Queen/South African vibe!!)
Sara Bareilles, Let the Rain
Sugarland, Down in Mississippi
Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks
Neon Trees, Everybody Talks
Ingrid Michaelson, Do It Now
Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (really, anything this girl makes kicks ass)
Oh Land, We Turn It Up
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Heads Will Roll
One Republic, Movin’ On
The Avett Brothers, Kick Drum Heart
The Ting Tings, That’s Not My Name
Sia, The Girl You Lost to Cocaine/Clap Your Hands/Never Gonna Leave Me (like Kelly, Sia kicks ass)
Queen, Fat Bottomed Girls (ahem)
Adele, Rolling in the Deep
Demi Lovato, Break Your Heart (such a freaking guilty pleasure, this song)

Those are my current obsessions. But I’m always wondering what others are listening to on their runs/at the gym. So out with it. What is your favorite song to rock out to while working out?

2 thoughts on “Keep It Movin’

    • I’m normally not a fan, but my spin instructor played that song in class last week and it really got me going! Good recommendation–thanks!

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