Guys. I’m pretty proud of myself. The other day, before my little moment of weakness, I had a kind of lax work day. So when I woke up, I slipped on my super fab pink running shoes and went out for a run on what was a gorgeous spring morning (yep, I’m still doing C25K–we’ll get there eventually, people!). I felt so good on the run, which was surprising since I hadn’t run in a week or so. I even did a few hills 🙂

After I finished up at work, I headed off to spin class. Yep. Two-a-days, baby! That alone is reason to be proud, but it gets better.

Why? Because this happened:
Ignoring the makeup-less, slicked back hair look I’m rocking post-workout, focus instead on the arms. Oh yeah. I wore a tank top to spin class 🙂 I don’t wear dresses cut above the knee, I don’t like wearing swimsuits or t-shirts, and I especially hate wearing tank tops.  If anyone ever wanted to exact revenge on me for heinous crimes committed, they’d be wise to stick me in any sort of bathing suit or a tank dress cut above the knee. I mean, that is my water boarding, that is my Guantanamo Bay–my purest form of torture.

I, of course, was a wee bit self-conscious walking around the gym (already not exactly the easiest place for me to hide out), but it was a pretty big deal for me to even doing it in the first place, so…yay me!

I’m ready to get back on track on today, and try doing my 21 day challenge again–if only because I want these dang shoes!
I am shooting for two-a-days for the next three weeks, but I’ll take what I can get. Enough will be enough. Doing any kind of exercise consistently for three weeks, to build the habit, is the goal here. And there’s pretty new shoes at the end 🙂

PS–I made this over the weekend. Little daily reminder for myself. Loving it and it’s message 🙂

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