Spring Cleaning

Hi friends! A quick note to let you know that I’ve started my 21 day challenge again (for the last time!!) and you can/should view my progress here. I’ll be updating every day, so be sure to stop by and watch me quick some fitness butt 🙂

Also, take a look at the side bar over there on the right. Notice anything new? Oh yeah, I hit 10% yesterday! I’ve lost about 40 pounds now, and I barely lifted a finger. So, if I kick it up a notch and get to work, I should be able to stay on track!

Ok, on to the meat of this post. Last night I started a little spring purge. The perfectionist side of my personality has been all buddy-buddy with my neurotic list making self lately, so I’m trying to heed some advice I was recently given and control what I can, when I can. It’s no secret that the act of purging, whether it’s the old books collecting dust on a shelf or the negative baggage I’m lugging around day in and day out, is purifying and carries some serious positive energy with it. I’m lightening my load, in more ways than one.

So along with going through my ever-expanding list of household spring cleaning projects (which includes getting rid of clothes that are now too big for me and will never, ever fit me again), I’m also doing a little spirit cleaning. Completely by accident, I recently stumbled upon a post by another weight-loss blogger, The Token Fat Girl, that moved me to tears.

In this post, she talks about being so consumed with other people’s perceptions of how you’re living (or not living) your life, that you end up living a life that is less-than average. You become too afraid of the perceived negative consequences that come from living your life out loud, at full volume, cranked up to 10. She writes:

“I’m so consumed with what I assume others with think if I wear red lipstick, or paint my nails with glitter polish, or sit in the rain, or jog down the street, or eat a beautiful meal, or set a nice place setting, that I just don’t do it. And it’s me. No one else, just me. As if, my happiness is insignificant. Or that I don’t deserve to laugh and a good time or enjoy myself in this short life…Because the truth is, when it’s all said and done and I’m taking my last breath, no one will stand over me and thank me for not living my best life.”

A few years ago, I was at a concert with a really good friend and had somewhat successfully shoved and squeezed my large self into the seriously small arena chair. Like I do whenever I go to any sort of public event with assigned seating, I tried to make myself as small as possible and hoped against hope that no one would sit next to me, allowing me to be a bit more comfortable.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. Some dumb girl and her under-18 boyfriend parked it next to us and I felt like I was totally encroaching on their space. I made some comment about how uncomfortable I was to my friend, how in-the-way I felt, and my friend interrupted me mid-sentence and said this: “Why are you uncomfortable? Because you’re just trying to live your life?”

That girl is wise beyond her years.

I do deserve to be happy and live my big, loud, sometimes obnoxious life. I am worthy of it. Absolutely. I can’t worry about what I look like when I jiggle/run my way down the road or what someone may (or, most likely, may not) be thinking of me when I simply walk through a Target store or go to happy hour with friends. I am no less than any other.

So, as part of my spring spirit cleaning, I’m attempting to purge any negative or less-than-worthy thoughts from my head.  No more “what will people think?” or “why bother?” or “I can’t.” No more excuses at all. I’m going to sweep them outta my head, my mindset, and my life, once and for all. Like they’re a pair of nasty, last season jeggings. And I encourage you to do the same.

What could you stand to spring clean out of your life?

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