Follow Your Intuition

Intuitive eating is a movement that, lately, really speaks to me. Through intuitive eating, you learn how to create a long-term healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body. You learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings. You listen and respond to what your body is telling you. You make peace with food, learning that your health and your worth do not change because you made a “bad” food choice (source).

You are born with the knowledge to eat intuitively, but then society happens and we all get brainwashed by diets, body image, and food myths and misinformation. Getting back to listening to and trusting our bodies will bring us freedom from all the crap piled on us by Vogue magazine.

That’s what I’m focused on now. I no longer eat for the sake of eating, or eat because I’m bored. I try to be as mindful as possible while eating, paying attention to when I’m starting to feel full or mindlessly munching on tortilla chips while watching any of the Real Housewives.

I’ve also started to notice the natural cravings my body has. I’ve noticed myself craving things like protein or fruit. If I craved these things in the past, which I would think I did, I certainly didn’t notice it. I no longer really crave sweets or alcohol (two of my biggest weaknesses). I am satisfied with an apple for a snack, veggies and hummus taste delicious and fill me up, water tastes better than soda or wine. If I feel tired during the day when I normally shouldn’t, I acknowledge that my blood sugar is probably low and I need a little nosh (not chocolate–like I used to) or even just a few gulps of water to pep me back up. It’s weird. But I love it. And it all seems to be working in my favor 🙂

This whole process is a matter of permanently changing my mindset and my actions. Noticing and responding to these natural cues from my body makes me feel in control and strong. Like I am finally started to get ahead of this lifelong struggle I’ve faced. It feels unlike anything I’ve ever experienced…which, I’m starting to see, is the key to permanent success.

One thought on “Follow Your Intuition

  1. That’s so great! Intuitive eating is really amazing, it’s totally crazy how your body knows exactly what it needs/wants and how it can shift around so much. Some of my biggest cravings are caffeine (okay, not the bestttt craving, but i’ve got papers to do!), fruit, and vegetables, I could eat those things all day!

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