It’s Getting To Be That Time Again…Again

Hi guys! I’ll be back a bit later today with an amazing/May Day related/childhood favorite recipe. So definitely come back for that!

For now, though, I wanted to share with you a post from the lovely Amanda. Amanda was my Foodie Pen Pals match this month (meaning I sent her a box full of delectable goodies). She doesn’t have a blog, but she does have a Twitter (@nutritioustweet) so you can check her out on there and check her and the goodies out below! And don’t forget: if you want to be a Foodie Pen Pal, check out Lindsay’s blog for more info!

And thanks, Amanda, for writing this post! I appreciate it!

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to be writing about all the wonderful foodie stuff I got from Amanda!  As a fellow Amanda she must have known all the foods I loved.  This box couldn’t have been any better!  The theme was CHOCOLATE!  My favorite.
I was so excited for this box I barely remembered to take pictures of it!  I didn’t even get a picture of my favorite item of the bunch simply because they disappeared so fast.  My favorite item and the first one to be eaten was…chocolate covered gummy bears! Love, love love.

In addition I also got some fabulous chocolate covered pretzels that now grace my desk at work for the late afternoon snack.  Throw a few almondicitve bits and milk chocolate toffee popcorn and you’re in for a real chocolatey treat.
I haven’t made the brownie mix but that I plan on having some as a treat for finishing my finals at school.  The other snack I haven’t tried is the sugar chocolate coffee bean grinder.  I have never seen this before! I was reading the back and its says you can sprinkle a bit on almost anything, I plan to try a bit on toast.

I must also mention that all these goodies, minus the gummy bears, were from Trader Joes!  Guess what grocery store I will be going to more often?

Thank you Amanda!!

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