Hell Week

Blogging around these parts may be a bit nonexistent over the next few weeks as I adjust to a new schedule. Tonight I start my new part-time job. And it’s at a bakery, which…isn’t that a bit like giving an alcohol a job at a liquor store?

Anyway, these week in particular is a four day work week for me (yay!), but three of those days are 18+ hour days (boo!). Tomorrow, for example, I wake up at 4:50am, head to the gym for an hour or so, come home to shower, eat breakfast and get ready for the real job. Work from 8am-4pm. Sneak in a walk  and some weights work during the day. Head over to the fake job, work 4pm-10:30pm. Go home and go straight to bed. Then get up and start the whole thing over. Whew! I’m exhausted just writing that!

Normally I would have no real problem pulling off a day like this, it’s just that I have three of them in a row this week. The bright side of all this, though, is that I’ll be spending the long holiday weekend at my parents house in Wisconsin with my entire extended family for a lot of laughing, shopping, games, golf, sunshine, good food and drinks, and campfires.

Now, old Manda Kay would have bitched and moaned about this whole week (which I kinda have), and said, “screw it” to any sort of diet and exercise. But I’m proud to report that I got a little extra sleep last night, my fridge currently contains portioned out lunch and dinner for the entire week, my snacks and breakfasts are laid out on the counter, my blender is prepped for a week of protein shakes, and, as I mentioned, my workouts are planned. I even did a quick clean-up of my apartment after getting home yesterday from a weekend away.

If I follow through with everything I’ve prepped, there’s no reason why this week will be the typical Manda Kay throw-away week. I’m going into this new, unwanted, potentially challenging situation with a mostly positive attitude, knowing where my priorities lie–my health and weight loss comes first, no matter what, over everything and everyone else. I won’t sacrifice that anymore. I’m choosing me.
What do you do to manage your crazy and hectic schedule?

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