Motivation Monday

I’m always on the lookout for simple, quick, and effective workouts I can do around the house. Something to do while ogling the Barefoot Contessa’s latest butter-based confection on TV, or after a kick butt cardio sesh.

With that, I bring you a new regular (hopefully weekly) post: Motivation Monday!  I’ll be sharing my quick and dirty home workouts–all designed to get you toned, taught, and tiny in 20 minutes or less. If you’re confused about what any of these moves are, you can easily Google them, leave me a comment below, find me on Twitter, or email me and I’ll fill you in!

This workout is designed to specifically work your all aspects of your arms, shoulders and abs. Feel free to throw in a few crunches at the end, if you’re feeling extra ambitious. Grab a pair of free weights (I use 10 lbs. weights), don’t forget to rest between each set (15-30 seconds should do), and get to work!

A reminder that I am not a certified trainer. All workouts are based on my own research and knowledge. Consult a doctor before starting an exercise routine to determine what is safe for you.

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