The Weekend in Numbers

Ignore the bad cell phone pics, focus on a few of the numbers I experienced during this exhausting, exhilarating, healthy, progress-filled weekend!

16…size of the (very) generously cut linen dress I shimmied into just to see if I could. Almost…at least I didn’t get stuck!
11…ring size I used to wear.
9…ring size I slipped on this weekend.
2…recipes I put together this weekend: chocolate chunk brownies with greek yogurt and apple turkey burgers.
14…percentage of body weight I’ve lost since January.
hours of sleep I got both Friday and Saturday night. Glorious.
4…items of clothing I tried on but had to put back because they were too big. I’m officially down two sizes!
2…books I finished.
both the number of  yoga classes I took this weekend and the number of goals I crossed of the list for for July.
4…workouts I killed.
 And, best for last…

4…pounds I’ve lost since Friday!

So proud of myself after the past few days. What did you do this weekend to make yourself proud? 

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