You Down With FPP?

I apologize for the title of this post. Some days it’s more difficult 🙂

It’s Foodie Pen Pal reveal day! Yippee!

Seriously, if you guys are not yet participating in this fun little monthly exchange, you are really missing out. Each month a new package shows up on your door, from some fabulous fellow blogger (or reader), and it’s chock full of new foodie goodies. What’s not to love about that, right? Who doesn’t love getting presents?
This month, I was matched with Bec. Normally, Foodie Pen Pals packages are an awesome assortment of snacky food items. Which I love, obviously. But this month, my package had a few snacky items (hello, organic jellybeans and hazelnut chocolate!) but it also contained a jar of pesto, nut butter, meat seasoning, and–best of all–a citrus mojo marinade. It was a delicious change of pace. And as I type this, my crock pot is bubbling with the mojo and some chicken breasts, which I’ll serve over black beans and brown rice for dinner tonight. Can’t. Wait.
I may have forgotten to get a shot of the chocolate before I devoured it. Um, oops? It was really tasty, if that helps…


Be a part of this, people! Head over to Lindsay’s spot, the Lean Green Bean Blog, and sign up! But do it before August 4th, since Lindsay sends out the next month’s pairings on the 5th.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be my Foodie Pen Pal next month…you should be so lucky 🙂

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