August Goals

And so begins August. Another month, another ten goals. I had a few leftover from July, so I’m carrying them over to this month. And I’m not sure what makes me think I can complete 11 goals this month, when I haven’t been able to complete 10 over the past few months, but I’m going to try! The majority of my mini-goals are fitness focused, since that’s the area where I’ve struggled most. Eventually it will become habit, right?

As always, I’d love for you to join me! Pick a few goals from my list, or come up with your own, then share your list in the comments below.

Goals for August

1. Log 100 miles
2. Fit comfortably into a pair of “normal size” pants
3. Finish Couch-to-5K
4. Complete 15 2-a-days
5. Lose 10 lbs
6. Log my food and exercise every day
7. Take a Zumba class
8. Cut coffee creamer out of my diet only natural sweetener/milk for me!
9. Strength train 3 days per week
10. Complete 30 Day Shred we have a group going on MFP–join us!
11. Bonus!  Log 100 push-ups, 100 squats, & 250 crunches per week

9 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Your blog is fun! Someday I want to be a foodie pen pal.

    My August goals

    1. Eat more protein to meet my daily protein goal
    2. Successfully complete the lose 10 pounds for August challenge
    3. Go to sleep by 11pm most nights especially work nights
    4. Subscribe to your blog
    5. Contact my lawyer cousin and ask for her help on getting this probate thing rolling
    6. Quit smoking on August 12
    7. Put in and do an exercise video 3x a week
    8. Copy this list and put it on the side of the frig
    9. Finish painting the window trim on the front porch

  2. I took LOTS of your goals this month! I didn’t do so well last month, so many of mine are repeaters!
    1. Run 3 days per week
    2. Get into size 14 pants comfortably
    3. Lose 10 pounds
    4. Weights 3 days per week
    6. Do 20 reps of all ab exercises on Power 90
    7. Get my mile under 11 minutes
    8. Drink 2 cups of green/jasmine tea every day
    9. Plank to be 45 seconds
    10. Do 7 regular push ups (no more girl push ups!!)
    I loved the 30DS….but it didn’t love my knees : ( I think that I’ve now lost 35 lbs, I’m going to try it again. I REALLY want to try her body revolution, but I’m waiting to hear more reviews and I’m hoping the price will drop after the holidays. I’m currently doing Power 90 (the precursor to P90X), and it’s done wonders for me, and I recommend it to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!!!
    As for Zumba…..DO IT!!! It is so much fun! I have no rhythm what so ever, and I’m sure that everyone watching me chuckles to themselves, but it’s a fun way to work out!

    • I love your goals! So ambitious. YOu definitely have to let me know how you do! 30 DS is a definite challenge and it’s pushing (and punishing) me in ways I never expected–that must mean it’s working, right? 🙂

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