I have lived the majority of my life (if not all of my life) being very aware of and holding a very strong belief of what, as a so-called fat girl, I can and cannot do. For example, as a fat girl, I can’t be loved. I can’t wear or do anything that brings your attention to my larger physique. I can’t go to prom, or if I do, I can’t dance. And the list goes on. And on.

But while it may very well be true that there are certain things you just can’t do as a bigger person (skydiving), a lot of that is really (and obviously) just your own fears and psychological messiness. And society’s meanness.

Last month, as one of mini-goals, I tackled one of my biggest fat girl fears–yoga. One of the few exercise practices advertised solely to skinny Gwyenth Paltrow types. Over the past few weeks, I’ve tackled a few more of my fears: unabashedly wearing a swimsuit in semi-public, paddleboarding, tubing (more on these later). Next weekend I’m tackling Zumba.

The moral of this story is: get over it. Get over yourself. Get over your fear of being laughed at, of failing, of tripping and falling flat on your fat butt.

Get over your fear of living your one, precious, beautiful life.

Yeah, as a bigger person, things may be a bit more difficult. And maybe you’re not the most graceful in the room. And once in a great while, you might put yourself out there and just completely suck it up. But you put yourself out there. Things might turn out just awfully. But what if they don’t?

What are you waiting for? Live your life.

Tell me: what is something you’ve done despite society and/or your mind telling you it’s not possible?

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