Halfway Point: August Goals

Goals for August

1. Log 100 miles
2. Wear a pair of “normal size” pants
3. Finish Couch-to-5K
4. Complete 15 2-a-days
5. Lose 10 lbs
6. Log my food and exercise every day
7. Take a Zumba class
8. Cut coffee creamer out of my diet
9. Strength train 3 days per week
10. Complete 30 Day Shred
11. Log 100 push-ups, 100 squats, & 250 crunches per week

This is probably the best month I’ve experienced since I began this journey. I haven’t been very forthcoming with this info, but over the past few months–thanks to out of control hormones and, let’s be honest, out of control Manda Kay–I packed on 11 freaking pounds of bloat and water weight. Yikes, right? Well, since August 1, I’ve lost that 11 pounds, plus three more! I’m feeling less hormonally wacked out, spending oodles of time outside and with friends. I’ve been on point with my workouts and even signed up and began training for my first 5K (more on that this weekend). I’ve been feeling some serious love and support from everyone I’ve been coming in contact with (including a few very surprising sources), and just generally living a happy life.

Here’s the specifics on how August is shaping up:
I’m well on my way. To date, I’ve logged about 80 miles. Awesome!

#2: In the one store I’ve tried, I’m not quite there. But I plan on doing more research this weekend, and of course, continuing to drop the lbs to help in the process.

#3: Again, not quite there, but I’m working on it! I have that big 5K coming up in September, after all!

#5, 6, 9, 10, & 11: All on track to be crossed out at the end of the month! I sort of looped strength training in with 30 Day Shred, since it’a big component of that workout, so next month I’ll probably continue with 30DS occasionally, but really focus more on getting on the weight machines in the gym–daunting! Regardless, between 30 DS, all those push-ups, squats, and ab work, not only am I getting my butt seriously kicked, but I’m totes going to be ripped…once I get all this fat off.

#7: Zumba’s happening this weekend. I think. I’m not sold that it’s something I want to be a part of, but I need to expose myself to new uncomfortable experiences and ways of moving my body.

#8: I lasted about a week. Coffee without creamer tastes like watered down nothing to me, a waste of good beans. Since I’m never going to give up coffee (though I have cut way back), I’ve gotten smarter about the creamer I’m using. I still use the artifical Coffeemate stuff, but I’m now using their sugar-free version (less carbs and calories) and religiously measuring the amount (don’t drink your calories!)

There you have it: my progress for the first half of this month! How are you doing on your goals? What have you accomplished this month? What are you struggling with? Let me know! 

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