Utterly Fearless

This summer has been a lot things: wasteful, fleeting, challenging, typical, punishing, lazy, emotional, unsuccessful. But for all of that, or despite all of that, it’s also been amazing, revolutionary, challenging, emotional, successful, life-changing, and fun. It has been lived by my newly adopted mantra, which I plan to use to carry me through the rest of this journey:

Utterly fearless

This was the summer I started wearing tank tops again. I wore a dress cut above the knee out in public. The summer I started running for real, and tried yoga. And Zumba. I lost weight and gained muscle, lost fear and gained confidence.
I overcame a few limitations and realized that others still exist–for now. This summer I made a bucket list of five goals I wanted to complete in three months. And I made significant stride in completing them all (that mile is going down this week!). I explored my town, and discovered beauty that, after living here for almost ten years, I didn’t know existed.This was the summer I made new friends and rekindled relationships with others.
The summer I went tubing and learned to (successfully) paddle board.

I learned to appreciate my body. I pushed myself, I grew, I shrunk, I cried happy tears, I cried sad tears. I smiled, I laughed. And laughed. I fell in love: with my surroundings, my circumstances, myself. This summer, as a 27-year old, I finally came into myself. I was, am, will be–happy.

2 thoughts on “Utterly Fearless

    • You just made me tear up a little, too! Thank you! Believe me, I struggle every day. But every day I realize that I have the choice on how I’m going to handle myself. I’m done choosing apathy or negativity. I now choose happy. I choose me 🙂

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