The pictures above? Yeah. Today I finally ran one complete mile.
A windy, hilly, sweaty, challenging, incredible mile.

When I started this journey way back in January, almost nine months to the day, one of the very first workouts I did was workout one of the Couch-to-5K. I huffed and puffed and struggled to make it through one minute of a very slow jog. Everything hurt, everything jiggled, I was incredibly uncomfortable, and I couldn’t breathe.

Frustrated, I moved on to other, less intimidating workouts, coming back to running sporadically to see if it had somehow magically become easier. Slowly progressing from those first sixty seconds, I was finally able to do ninety. Got stuck there, waited, came back and got to three minutes.

And there I stayed. For months.

Then I remembered the quote that kicked this all off:

“Nothing changes when you’re comfortable.”

Amen to that. Amidst the crap-fest that was this summer, I signed up for a 5K and half-heartedly began training. I’ve had a few great runs lately, but that nagging summer bucket list item of running an entire mile was still hanging out there.

I haven’t run a full mile since 7th grade. Today, I did. In 13 minutes! Enjoy the proud sweat and tear stained face above–I know I am!

The best is truly yet to come, my friends! Here’s to the first of many, many more miles!

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