Halfway Point: September Goals

Goals for September

1. Complete a 5K race
2. Lose 10 pounds
3. Fit comfortably into a “regular” sized pants
4. Break through this dang plateau
5. Build a consistent workout schedule
6. Begin a strength training program
7. Finish 30 Day Shred
8. Run a complete mile
9. Avoid the downfall of TOM
10. Begin twice per week spin classes

I just realized that it’s more than halfway through September and I’ve yet to share my progress on my goals for this month! Oops! I feel like I’ve been neglecting this bloggy blog a whole bunch lately, but there are big (fun) things on the horizon, and plenty of posts lined up for the near future. I’ve been dealing with real life issues lately–weird right? So I haven’t been attentive to you all as I should have been. My apologies. Never again, promise. 🙂

I think (knock on wood, rub a rabbit’s foot, fingers crossed) that I’ve finally bid adieu to this 6-month plateau (#4). Preplanning my meals, sticking to my metrics, consistent workouts (#5) and a new accountability partner in my best friend from high school, Suzy (what up, love!) have really helped–I need to remember how amazing I feel after a workout, no matter what the scale does that day! This new laser-like focus even helped me avoid TOM this month(my time of the month–sorry to any guys reading!) (#9) and move past the same 10+ lbs I keep losing and gaining (#2).

I did get new pants that are two (TWO) sizes smaller than what I used to wear, and they’re just bordering on what I’m calling “normal” sized. So I feel like that one (#3) is half crossed off. Guess I have another goal for next month!

The last few goals are going to implemented in the last few days of this month, as I was nervous about over training for the 5K: the weight training (#6), spin classes (#10), and 30DS (#7) should be a piece of cake (mmm…cake) now that I’ve got my consistency going.

I’m still running my first ever 5K on Sunday (#1). As I’ve mentioned before, my mom, aunt, and cousin will be there with me. And my good friend and her pup will be cheering me on from the sidelines. I’m terrified beyond belief, I secretly think I run slower than I walk, and I may finish in dead last behind all the kick ass old ladies, but hey. I’m out there, I’m doing it, there’s only up to go from here.

Finally, I RAN AN ENTIRE MILE WITHOUT DYING AND IT WAS AWESOME AND I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF (#8). If you follow me on Twitter, you no doubt already saw my berry red, sweaty, ecstatic face and read my saga of tweets about it (you’re welcome).

Well, that’s how I’m doing on my goals this month! Where are you guys at? Share your progress in the comments below! I have to get back to planning m’birthday celebraaations–it’s tomorrow, by the way. Please send cupcakes, flowers, and Josh Jackson.

2 thoughts on “Halfway Point: September Goals

  1. You are doing fantastic doll! You will feel so empowered after your first 5k I promise!When you cross that finish line you will be so overjoyed w/the fact that you FINISHED it won’t matter how long it took,because you did it! Congrats cupcake and happy early b-day! Love following you on Twitter and thank you for sharing your journey ^u^

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