October Goals

Another month, another set of goals. A few goals didn’t get taken care of last month, so you’ll see them on the list below. I decided that I’m not going to let go of a goal if I don’t reach it right away. So while it might be less interesting for you to read, they’re going to stay on my list until I can cross those buggers out!

As always, I’d love for you to join me! Pick a few goals from my list, or come up with your own, then share your list in the comments below. 

Goals for October

1. Run two complete miles
2. Break XXX pounds–I have a number in mind. If I break it, I’ll share it
3. Fit comfortably into a “regular” sized pair of pants–so! close!
4. No ice cream or frozen yogurt
5. Stick to consistent workout schedule with accountability partner
6. Begin a strength training program
7. Finish 30 Day Shred–I will take this down!
8. Finish Couch-to-5K
9. In bed by 10pm Monday-Friday–much needed for 5am workouts!
10. Begin twice per week spin classes

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