Words of Wisdom Wednesday…And A Quick Check In

Did you guys see these Nike commercials during the Olympics? Today, and every day, go out and find your greatness, whatever that might mean for you.

I found some of my own greatness this weekend: I spent the weekend with my family, helping my grandparents with landscaping at their house. This meant hauling, shoveling, shaking clean, and raking tons and tons of rocks…and then going inside to enjoy some of my Grandma’s most delicious cooking. I made smart choices, though, preparing and eating mostly my own healthy food, and squeezing in a run with my cousin while everyone else took a beer break. Victory!

That greatness carried over to the scale this week, where I thought I’d see an increase–things are always a little iffy when you step out of your normal routine. However, I not only lost the 6+ water-filled lbs. post-TOM, but I’m back down to my lowest weight since starting this dang thang! Again, victory!

I’m following up this morning’s greatness-filled workout (intervals on the elliptical and stairclimber) by venturing out for a five-mile walk/jog (or wog, as I call it) after work. Be great, all!

PS. I promise to get you that pumpkin cookie recipe this week! I haven’t forgotten!

How do you find greatness in your every day? Let me hear about it!

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