Trust the Process

I’ve been talking about this a lot lately, I know. But that’s because it’s something I literally struggle with on a daily basis. While this process has been extremely exciting, gratifying, life-changing, all that noise, it’s also–more often than not–been extremely frustrating. I constantly have this nagging voice in the way back-right corner of my brain, needling me, questioning why things aren’t progressing faster. Some days, especially lately, that voice is deafening. It’s the only sound I can hear. Other days, I’m able to quiet the voice or at least talk over it as I repeat to myself over and over: “Trust the process. It will happen. Giving up is not an option.”

As often happens these days, the Universe seems to know when I need a little nudge or reminder that my story is far from complete, that my life is not meant to be lived forever in this in-between, lonely, confusing, challenging state.

Fast takes longer when you hurry, Amanda. And slow, Amanda, gets faster when you’re happy.

Keep calm and saunter on,
The Universe

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