March Goals

Woo hoo! We survived February: the worst of all the months! It’s March and we’re that much closer to spring and sunshine and warmth and the ability to be outside without the possibility of losing appendages!

February was a rough one for my goals as well. Surprise! I didn’t achieve any of them!

Well, it’s a new month and I’m newly motivated to move past my recent health drama. I think I’ve been struggling because I’ve been floundering with no answers, no guidance, no clue as to why my body is being such a little b-word. Now that I know what’s up, I feel ready to start working to defeat it. I’m looking forward to the hard work–an awesome feeling 🙂


Goals for March

1. 1,000 calorie burn each day
2. Complete my food journal each day
3. Run 3 times per week
4. Try a new gym class
5. Compliment myself every day

And finally…a month without alcohol! It’s recommended that I avoid alcohol while on my new medication, so…I’ll miss my BFF vodka, but I think it’ll be a good way to keep the extra carbs/cals in check.

As always, I’d love for you to join me! Pick a few goals from my list, or come up with your own, then share your list in the comments below.

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