Attitude Problem

I’m not a big believer in the notion that everything happens for a reason. I’m far too cynical and jaded, and there’s far too much inexplicable evil in this world.

When we’re presented with any sort of negative, painful situation, from the mundane everyday to the tragic, we often feel completely immobilized. Like, making any sort of effort to address or rectify the issue is too much effort. We let it overwhelm us, we let it bury us, we push it down, we ignore its presence. And while some of these problems are beyond our control, there is one thing we can always control, no matter the problem: our response to the situation.

As a long-time Negative Nelly, this is not how I’ve typically viewed the bad bits of life. I used to submerge myself fully in the “woe is me” attitude and a box of donuts. Now, though, I figure what’s the point of that? The situation is going to suck no matter what, so you might as well look for something good in it.

Look at these moments as opportunities for growth, a chance to push yourself, make yourself uncomfortable. Too often we do get bogged down by these things that seem scary. In reality, though, if you take just one step, make one move to attack these so-called problems, you’ll realize that A) they aren’t as awful as they seem and B) you usually learn a bit (or a lot) about yourself in the process. That you’re stronger than you thought. That you can get through it, you can do it…whatever it may be.

So, while I don’t know that I’ll ever buy into the idea that the Universe or whatever God-like being you worship is flawless and has a plan for everyone and everything and on and on, I do believe that when situations are presented to us that are challenging, scary, or sometimes, unfortunately, devastating, there is always a lesson to learn. While these moments may or may not be happening for a reason , they are certainly happening as an opportunity for you to alter your perception. For you to grow.

Choose to see the positive in the negative. Choose to take action. To make yourself as uncomfortable as humanly possible. Put yourself out there. Re-examine your preconceived notions and perceptions. Find the opportunity in every impossibility.

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