PCOS? More Like POS, Am I Right?

Because a bunch of you asked for it, I wanted to share more about my (limited) experience with PCOS and Hashimoto’s. This post is mostly about PCOS, since that’s what I’m being treated for right now (Is that what you do with PCOS? Treat it? Can you cure it? I know so little about this!) My apologies in advance for the wordiness and potential oversharing, but, hey. This is my experience, and you asked for it 🙂

First, let me say that PCOS is not a made up fat person’s disease. Let’s clear that up right now. Plenty of your typical skinny chicks have PCOS as well as plenty of us bigger gals. It’s an equal opportunity employer, guys. Though that stigma is quite the bitch. Also, I am not diabetic or even pre-diabetic. My just tested sugar levels are aces. Perfection, even. I know, I was surprised, too.

I say all of that because several people have had the gall to tell me that either PCOS is not a real thing or that I only have it because I’m fat. To them I say, hush your dang mouth. I don’t need you bringing that attitude to my life. I may not know what the hell is going on with my body right now, but I do know that I don’t have “the sugars” and the medical community is not making up diagnoses as part of a larger conspiracy.

What do I know about what’s going on? Well, I know this: Metformin, the medication I’m on to help deal with my PCOS, has been kicking my butt. My body is normally pretty tough and doesn’t really react adversely to much of anything…probably the reason why I’m the weight I am, huh?

Anyway, Metformin is typically used to treat diabetes, but more and more it’s being prescribed to help women with PCOS, especially those who are overweight, lose weight and gain normal ovary function (i.e. have normal periods/symptoms). I’ve been slowly upping my dosage of Metformin for the past three weeks, increasing by 500mgs each week.

Why have I been slowly increasing my dosage? Because, like I said, it’s kicking. My. Butt! The most common and disgusting side effect of Metformin is that it wreaks havoc on your tummy. The last three weeks have been full of constant nausea, vomiting, and several other not so pleasant and downright disgusting bodily functions. Let me tell you, it makes it very difficult to live your life when you have to excuse yourself to hit up the restroom every few minutes. My mom offered to buy me Depends. I took a day off work because I was afraid to leave my bathroom. I am a mess. Oh, and the hives! I oddly get hives on random parts of my body early in the morning and again late at night–right before I take the medication.

Is the medication working? I don’t know. Some experience change immediately, some say it takes months. My ongoing health concern, what led to both the PCOS and yet another thyroid diagnosis, has been that I think my hormones are the culprit in this weight loss wasteland. My PMS symptoms, which happen before, during, and after my actual period, have been out of control the past eight or nine months. I mean, the crying, the mood swings, the insane cramps…it’s been a nightmare.

This month, though, besides some serious exhaustion and overeating, they have actually been manageable. I haven’t been angry/crying/popping countless pimples…all signs of hormonal progress for me. I’m really looking forward to getting my workout and eating back on track so I can use April as a barometer for how things are or aren’t progressing.

So that’s that. March has been a rough one, as many of the past months have been. Not seeing progress on the scale, the anxiety I feel at having to see people who expect me to look different each time they see me…and I don’t…it’s all been weighing heavily on me and I feel myself buckling more and more under the weight of it each day. I mean, I’m not giving up. That just won’t ever be an option, I know that. But the motivation to press on even harder when you see no change for months? Almost a year? It’s becoming a bit unbearable.

But I’m looking forward to hopefully sharing more positive news with you all about this in April! Now, time to go think some positive thoughts, work out, and drink more water. Right? 🙂

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