I’m in the business of making my life. I’m building an empire here, something that won’t be easily defeated. I started with nothing but heart and determination. No capital, no savings, no team to work with, nothing.

Building a business requires the hardest of hard work. It requires you to be a self-starter. No one’s going to hold your hand and pull you up to the top You have to get yourself up that damn mountain. By the bootstraps and all.

You have to hustle. You have to move like you stole it. Put your blinders on, keep a single focus on the end result. On getting that business in the black as soon as possible. There’s no letting your stakeholders down, no letting yourself down. You don’t get another chance here because you’ve invested everything you’ve got into this business of making your life. It’s a now or never, do or die situation.

The first quarter of 2013 was spent getting everything in order, closing the books on the tumultuous year that was 2012. Yes, I saw profits. My efforts paid dividends, but there was also a great deal of self-doubt, of uncontrollable uncertainty, of working with the wrong people in the wrong circumstances. Now, I’ve got my answers, I have my market research. The rest of 2013 will be spent expanding my brand, putting in late hours at the office, sharing my success story, monopolizing the market on how to build a life.

Shutting everything else out to just go.
Work. Build. Be.

I'm in the business of me, living the fullest life possible.

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