Summer Bucket List

Just like last year, I’ve put together a list of items I want to cross off my bucket list this summer. After a rather stagnant few months, during which I learned a lot mentally but didn’t do a hell of a lot physically, I’m feeling motivated to push harder than ever to get things back in gear and get that scale moving downward once again.

So, here are my goals for the summer, designed to get me out there…finding balance, shaking things up, making my life.

2013 Summer Bucket List

1. Run 2 miles

2. Attempt to water ski…again

3. Put myself out there physically

4. Complete a bike race

5. Go hiking in a state park

6. Lose 20 pounds

7. Purchase a pair of pants from a “normal” size store

8. Move everyday & spend as much time outside as possible

9. Go to a beach in a swimsuit. Swim, soak up the sun,  be confident

10. Save enough money for a personal trainer this fall

Tell me: what are you going to do over the next three months to make yourself proud and kick some booty?

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