Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Where I live is just the best. Trees and rolling green lawns, good shopping, food, and drinks, rivers and waterfalls, neighbors who know you by name, everyone walking/running/biking up and down the streets and trails…my little urban neighborhood is quite the welcome urban respite.
20130607_173207Nestled in my perfect little neighborhood is my perfect little apartment complex. Gorgeous apartments and new (to me) this year: the community garden!
20130518_161508My raised 4X8 little plot of land is nestled among about 10 others. Earlier this spring, we all got together to clean out our gardens, have a few beers, and get to know each other. How lovely! The small town, slightly hippie-ish girl in me absolutely loves this stuff!
20130518_140958Since this is my first year gardening on my own (outside of some previous “supervising” of Mama Ruthie’s gardens and a few squirrel-ridden tomato planters), I roped my friend Stephanie into helping. We had been looking for a community garden to join, so this ended up being a perfect situation!
20130518_16331520130518_162641Neither of has a clue what we’re doing. We’ve been taking a “let’s just try it” approach. That approach includes guessing the needed number of bags of soil and compost, planting everything from seed (who knew they sold vegetable plants?!), throwing entire packets of said seed into the dirt, and finally, minimally attending to the planted garden.

Not to mention it’s been raining literally nonstop for the past several weeks. Summer? What summer?
20130518_16175720130518_16153320130518_172031But lo and behold! It’s a miracle! This little garden is sprouting up like a weed…see what I did there?
20130606_16350520130613_19244420130613_192518Tomatoes! Those are actual real life tomatoes! And carrots, turnips, peas, two kinds of lettuce, spinach, butternut squash, cucumber, zucchini, and green beans. All that little space!

And then there’s our other garden…the stepchild of gardens, I guess? Kale and thyme on the windowsill…
20130601_112522Basil, parsley, garlic chives, and chives. Baby red potatoes in the ground.
20130601_112540And finally: bell peppers and jalapeno peppers.
20130601_112546I am so excited to harvest all of this nutrient-packed, fibery goodness. And save a bunch of money on produce to boot!

I’ll keep you all posted on my green thumb progress this summer. Hopefully I’ll even have some new veggie-packed recipes to share!

Do you have a garden? What did you plant this year?

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