Blissed In

Today was the day I reconnected with something that used to be such a huge part of my life. Something I’ve missed terribly. Today was the day I did something I haven’t done since I was maybe 12 years old. No, I did not bleach my blonde locks with Sun-In. Or crush on Jim Smith…but, true story. Call me, Jim.

No, today I went to a public beach in a swimsuit. A swimsuit that showed my cellulite-ridden thighs. And then I shared a few laughs with a friend, worked on my tan, listened to some good tunes, ate lunch, and splashed in the water…all while wearing my swimsuit.

And it was glorious. I teared up while laying alone on the beach, waiting for my friend. I was so proud of myself. My confidence, while it wavered a few, small moments, was sky high. And after tackling the beach today (one of my biggest fears), I made plans to go back tomorrow to do some paddle boarding. Looks like I’m going to be a beach babe once again! 🙂

Summer Bucket List

1. Run 2 miles
2. Attempt to water ski
3. Put myself out there physically
4. Complete a bike race
5. Go hiking in a state park
6. Lose 20 pounds
7. Purchase a pair of pants from a “normal” size store
8. Move everyday
9. Go to a beach in a swimsuit
10. Save enough money for a trainer


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