Summer Bucket List Update: Up North

Slowly but surely, I’m attacking this year’s summer bucket list! This past weekend, I spent a few days Up North (as we say here in Minnesota) on the lake with my aunts and cousins. It’s a yearly little tradition, this girls’ weekend, and it’s always a fun time.
2013-07-20 10.24.522013-07-22 19.38.042013-07-22 19.39.02

While up there last year, I attempted paddle boarding for the first time. Last summer, I was heavier, less toned, and definitely had issues with my core and lack of stability. I felt so awkward and exposed on that paddle board. But this year? Piece of cake! I had no problem getting–and staying–up. My aunt and I spent about three hours on the water one morning, paddling from one horribly windy and wavy side of the lake to the other.
2013-07-22 10.02.272013-07-22 10.02.332013-07-22 10.02.39 (1)2013-07-22 10.21.482013-07-22 11.20.11
A few things of note:

1. Please note that I’m the only one in my swimsuit. No shame, so proud.
2. My thighs have officially replaced my arms as my least favorite part of my body. Ugh.
3. I contemplated photoshopping out the cellulite on said thighs in the above photos, but that wouldn’t be right. I want to always be honest with you guys, and more importantly, with myself. I have ample cellulite. It sucks, but that’s me.

On to the real reason for this post: my attempt at waterskiing!

I haven’t even attempted to ski since I was in 7th grade–the peak of my thinner days. I couldn’t get up then, and despite great effort, I can’t get up now.
2013-07-20 14.04.582013-07-20 14.17.592013-07-20 14.14.482013-07-20 14.12.192013-07-20 14.11.10I tried three times. It almost happened. And even though it didn’t, I was glad I tried. Old Manda Kay, even the Manda Kay of last year, wouldn’t have tried. And please take notice of the pissed off look on my face in the last photo. Yeah. Being dragged behind a speed boat because you forgot to let go of the rope even though your skis already fell off and you got about a gallon of lake water up your nose, in your lungs, etc…that’ll do it.

After the literal failed but psychologically victorious waterskiing attempt, I treated myself to a giant plate of my new favorite food: zucchini noodles! I think I actually like them more than pasta (blasphemous!)
2013-07-21 18.28.21So there you have it! Two bucket list tasks down, only eight more to go…I better get cracking! Up next: I’ve got a 26 mile bike race to dominate next Saturday. Start praying, friends!

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