Little Victories

Some days, you take what you can get…

I stopped at Target (aka Mecca) after work to pick up a few necessities. Before I knew what happened, I was in the frozen foods aisle with a carton of ice cream in my hand.

What? How did that happen?!

I dropped that icy cardboard like it was on fire and started repeating a mantra of “no, don’t do it” over and over until I was safely in the shampoo aisle.

What had just happened? I mentally ticked through my list of usual triggers, but nothing made sense: my day was fine. I ate right, got plenty of water, and was generally feeling fine. A little tired, maybe. Nothing major.

So it was purely habit. Addiction. Rearing it’s damn awful head. Bastard.

Today, though, I won.

It’s the little victories that will one day win me the war.

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