Yoga Challenge: Day 1

Today began my week long Yoga Challenge! I’ve been a bit anxious but mostly super excited: I’m finally strong enough mentally and physically, to do this thing I’ve been wanting to do for years. Wow.

Today was supposed to be an intermediate level class for me and my yogi partner in crime/friend I conned into participating. Supposed to be. We’ve both been practicing for a bit, so we’re familiar with yoga, but we’re no masters by any means.

Imagine our terror, then, when we discovered that our class was a) a more advanced class with an instructor who told us, “I teach this class at a more advanced level,” and b) heated. To 105°.


Oh, hello Panic. Nice to see ya.

But, friends, I loved it! I totally expected to puke, pass out, walk out, dissolve into a fit of giggles at how out of place I was, come out with a migraine, and/or die of heat stroke. But…none of that.


I struggled, yes. And the sweat! I didn’t know you could sweat like that! But my muscles felt so loose, and I just relished every second in that room. Unreal.

Throughout the class, I felt like the instructor was talking directly to me. She spoke about being grateful for the moment and the fact that we were able to even be in that space. She said you are stronger than you think. Love your body as is, don’t worry about expectations: how you’re supposed to move, how you’re supposed to look. You are strong.


I am strong.

Tomorrow: Spin Yoga!

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