Yoga Challenge: Day 2

Surprisingly peppy and, yes, a bit sore, I popped out of bed at 5:15am this morning to head off to day two of the Yoga Challenge! This morning’s torture of choice? Spin. On stationary bikes that weren’t so stationary and swayed side-to-side. In a heated room that was supposed to be unheated. For a 45-minute ride that was supposed to be 25 minutes with 20 minutes of actual yoga at the end.

My butt got majorly kicked.

I loved this studio much more than the one I tried yesterday. Today’s class was at what would be my home studio if I join CorePower. Not more than two blocks from home! The instructor and her selection of tunes were fantastic, with the perfect amount of energy for an early morning workout. But even with all that, I just couldn’t get into the class.


Within the first ten or so minutes, I started to feel nauseous and I felt a headache coming on. My body felt incredible big and awkward on the bike, and it took everything in me not to just walk out. I often get migraines while doing cardio in a too-hot environment (happens constantly in the winter at my gym), so I think that is what killed me today.

With a little encouragement from the instructor and my friend struggling next to me, though, dammit if I didn’t stick it out and make it, smiling, through class.

Afterwards, we talked to the instructor for a few minutes about our experience and she made a great point: it’s one of those insanely difficult things that you hate while you’re doing it, but after it’s over, you’re like, “yeah, I totally could do that again!” For all the mom’s out there, she likened her class to child birth, if that helps you put the difficulty into perspective at all.

Two days in and I can already see the point and recurring theme of this challenge. I’m fighting the mind and body who both want to quit the second things get uncomfortable or challenging. But, friends, I can’t stress it enough: you are infinitely stronger—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually—than you think. Circumstances be dammed. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Just do it.

Tomorrow: Yoga Sculpt–heated yoga with weights!

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