Yoga Challenge: Day 3

The best part of today’s Yoga Challenge class (other than being completely blissed out as I left)? The hottie instructor, Gavin. Oh, yeah…

Shirtless eye candy Gavin taught us Yoga Sculpt today: a faster paced heated class that heavily incorporates hand weights. You do a bunch of squats, lunges, arm curls…then downward dog! You do tree pose while doing overhead presses. Other than the yoga aspects, the class totally reminded me of a similar weights-based class I take at my gym.

And oh man did I sweat! That’s been the best part of these classes: I leave just completely drenched in sweat. That would have embarrassed old Manda Kay to death. But now, I embrace it, I love it, I relish it. And then I shower, of course. I’m not gross.

But back to Gavin…

Here are four reasons why I love my future husband, Gavin:

  1. He had great taste in music. Both Ke$ha and Lorde were played.
  2. He kept saying how much he loved all of us. How he couldn’t get enough of us. We were all so, so amazing and great and beautiful. No, Gavin, you are.
  3. He stood thisclose to me and we did lunges together. I didn’t even fall over or anything.
  4. His abs? Girl, please. If yoga can give me the girl version of what he has? Yes, please!

By the way, this was my first group fitness class with a man. Weird, right? But probably a good thing if the above is any sort of indicator!

Um, so, anyway…I’m clearly loving yoga. And hoping Gavin doesn’t read this. But mostly just digging on the yoga. It’s only been three days, but these three days have been complete bliss.

I have felt so rested and calm, more confident in my practice, my body, my capabilities, my limitless limits. If this makes sense, I mentally feel physically longer and leaner. And I’ve dropped six pounds during a time of the month when that’s what I normally gain.

I’m in love! Helplessly, hopelessly in love. And not just with a certain long and lean instructor-man…

Tomorrow: Taking it back to basics! Mostly because of busy schedules, we’re doing an interactive intro to heated yoga class. Each posture is broken down into its basic components, so going forward we won’t just be going through the motions, but actually understanding them.

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