Yoga Challenge: Day 5

Yesterday was Day 5 of the challenge, and…

Worst. Class. Ever.

I went alone to an intermediate class that felt like the most basic of beginner’s classes. It was all stretching and meditative, no balance poses. The instructor used phrasing and words that I’ve never heard used in a class. And! While simply sitting on her mat, never once participating in the class, the instructor wore her horrible hipster glasses. Like these:


But she wore them seriously! To yoga!

And then about 20 minutes into class, Loud Laura plops down her mat about a foot behind me. While we were all set up vertically  facing the front of the room, she plunked her mat down horizontally. I don’t know how she got in late or what her deal was but she was the loudest person in the entire world. She wore bangle bracelets. Her clunky rings made a noise each time her hand hit the floor. She dropped her legs and arms instead of gracefully lowering them. And her breathing! Good lord. At one point I could have sworn she was snoring!


Needless to say, all that nonsense did not make for a peaceful and positive day 5 experience. Note the fake smile on my face above. I literally have nothing positive to say about the class, which is such a bummer after how amazing the past few days have been.

Tomorrow: day 6 is postponed until Monday due to scheduling conflicts…aka it’s really effing hot outside and the thought of 105° hot yoga makes both my friend and I want to die. Bring on the AC!!

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