Yoga Challenge: Day 6 & 7

Apparently I forgot to post day 6 and 7 of my Yoga Challenge. Oops! Sorry! Guess life kinda got in the way. Day 6 and 7 did happen, I loved them intensely, and now I’m considering selling a kidney to finance a monthly membership to CorePower. I guess bliss comes at a high price.

The best part of this Yoga Challenge has been the confidence I’ve gained in just seven days. I put myself in some very uncomfortable situations in those classes, but I stuck it out. And to tell you the truth, I actually felt like a “normal” person while in those studios. Like I belonged. I felt comfortable in this new environment and comfortable with my body.

Huge change, guys. Huge.

Case in point: over the holiday weekend, my family went camping as we typically do. In addition to bringing my bicycle and running shoes, I brought my yoga mat. There’s no other form of exercise I’ve found that makes me feel like I do after a few minutes on that pink piece of rubber. Even on a rustic, dirt-covered cabin porch, with my father making fun of me and my brother dropping spare change down the back of my pants while in downward dog, I felt completely blissed in. My body feels loose and light—like I’m not carrying hundreds of extra pounds around all day every day. My mind is clear and happy. And the best part? Those feelings stick around long after my practice has ended.

The Yoga Challenge achieved exactly what I wanted it to: it pushed me out of my comfort zone in a number of ways, it gave me an extra boost of confidence, I discovered a new way of moving my body, I fell desperately in love with yoga, and I made my little life a bit bigger.

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