Choo! Choo!

Once small, healthy decision at a time, I’m getting the train back on the track…

I don’t believe in celebrity diets, fads, cleanses, or detoxes, but hitting the reset button occasionally can be helpful, I think. I’ve noticed that when I eat junk, I crave junk–I’m constantly hungry for more junk. But when I eat good, I’m satisfied and I’m not hungry. Novel idea, right?

So, to help get me back in the no-junk-food mindset, I’m using my version of a juicing-smoothie-detox plan. A week of high fiber, high protein smoothies (which I make), full of healthy, whole foods. I don’t feel like I”m starving myself and I know exactly what I’m putting into my body, because I’m making it (important!). It’s similar to how I typically try to eat, limiting processed foods, bad carbs, and gluten, so it works well for me.
IMG_20130924_125035IMG_20130325_083101After running my last two 5K races in the same shoes I’ve had since I started this journey over a year and a half ago…I decided new kicks were in order! I did attempt to buy new running shoes a few months back, but I’ve since discovered the reason why they don’t work for me is because they’re too big! My feet have shrunk an entire shoe size. That’s some seriously unexpected weight loss…
IMG_20130929_172716Movement is such a struggle for me. It’s too easy to go home after work, grab some food, and Netflix the night away. Especially when you’re feeling hormonal or kinda blue. You forget how amazing you feel after a workout, even if it’s just a quick walk through the crunchy fall leaves.
IMG_20130923_130740My life has kinda fallen to pieces the past month. Every day brings a new unexpected challenge. I also haven’t been home much, and when I am, it’s only for a short time: I come in, make a mess, and leave. I feel so much more in control of my entire life if I know that my home is organized and clean.
IMG_20130825_100558Emotionally and physically, I am exhausted. Not sleeping well, not getting enough sleep, having no down time…this month has taken a toll on me. Life isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon, so I’m taking my sleep where I can get it. Like, on my living room floor after a set of crunches while watching Breaking Bad. Yes, that happened.

A highlight of all this awfulness has truly been getting to spend more time with my family. It sounds bad, but all this sadness has brought us closer together and allowed us the luxury of each other’s company. I spent the past weekend decompressing and catching up on sleep at my parent’s house…and, naturally, getting a pedicure with my momma/best friend–she hates when I say that 🙂
20130928_101308After my last 5K race, my friend made a comment about the negative way I was speaking about myself. I’d made several comments about how horrible I am at running, how gigantic my body was/is, etc. I haven’t been feeling good about myself and the decisions I’m making, and it was bleeding out into my words. Uncontrollably. I’ve been focused on getting my mind right, getting back the positive spirit I seem to have temporarily misplaced, trying to find my happy all over again.

IMG_20130729_193951Action, no matter how big or small, adds up. Put one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward. One healthy decision at a time.

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