Negative Nancy

I used to be a horribly negative person. It was constant, it was severe, it was mean, it was completely unnecessary. Thanks to this weight loss journey and my drastically improved self-esteem, that’s all changed. While I’m obviously not always perfect in this respect, I think because of the person I used to be, I now have zero tolerance for any sort of negativity. I find it so completely repulsive and unattractive.

Snarky comments, sarcasm, the news, that co-worker who does nothing but poke holes in every idea, most social media…I really just can’t handle it. I have no patience for it or the individuals who espouse it–probably because I used to be one of them.

There’s plenty of bad in this world. Too much, really. And a lot of the bad stuff that happens is out of our control. So really, beyond all that, there’s no need for any of us to pile on and put more bullshit out there.
preview Yep, my life is still messy and frustrating. I’m nowhere near who and what I want to be. Bad things happen, I get sad, I feel supremely discouraged, left behind, overlooked, and on and on. But like I’ve said before, the more negativity you throw out, the more you’re going to get served right back to you. So I choose happy. I choose positive. I choose to find the good.

And there’s good to be found in every situation. Look.

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