Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I’m so insanely excited and hopeful about life these days. I find myself wanting to be around people, being unabashedly joyful and positive…it’s all very, very odd. But incredibly good.

I have this inexplicable feeling deep down inside me that there is so much good lying ahead for me in 2014. Call it what you will, chalk it up to the new year, if you must, but this feels like more than that. This isn’t just hope, this is a feeling of inevitability, of belief.

Instead of being bogged down in the day-in-day-out of life, I’m actively looking forward to fully living each day, embracing the ups and downs, seeking out the good in all situations (and people), looking for new ways to grow, change, be happy, live love, say ‘yes’ to it all.

What a new, strange, beautiful thing…

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